What’s for Dinner? October 1-7

Happy October! Fall is here! Week 2 of this blog and my husband has showed me how to include links to the recipes! (It’s really quite easy – I just leave the techy stuff to him!)
This week’s menu is far from healthy. I guess I’m feeling like comfort food this October morn. I always have a crock pot meal on Wednesdays as its church night and we sometimes eat at different times. Friday is almost always a variation of pizza, usually homemade. My mom is visiting this week, so it’s a casserole for extras. I usually leave the weekends open as we’re more relaxed and plans change easily. I love fall Sundays for football food! Which is usually a mishmash of whatever foods we feel like or a bunch of appetizers! Ninety percent of my recipes cme from Pinterest as its a great source to find new things all in one place!
Here’s what’s for dinner this week:

Monday – gnocchi Mac & cheese

Tuesday – cheesy chicken lasagna

Wednesday – slow cooker beef stroganoff

Thursday – Mexican casserole

Friday – pizza casserole

Saturday – leftovers

Sunday – football food


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