What’s for dinner? October 8-14

Before I tell you what’s for dinner this week, I have to share what yumminess we had this weekend.
I had some leftover mushrooms, so I made these sandwiches for lunch Saturday: mushroom grilled cheese. Not as easy as plain old grilled cheese, but worth it!
Sunday started off with Norwegian pancakes. I just love breakfast food too much! Then we finally got to the pizza casserole and then pumpkin spice M&M cookies. Oh. Wow! My husband chose to diet this month and I can’t understand why anyone would choose to diet during pumpkin spice season! Whaaat?!?! Oh well, more cookies for me! And these are fantastic! So soft!!! Mmmmm….


Ok, enough drooling… Onto what’s for dinner this week:

Monday - bacon mac & cheese

Tuesday - Monterey chicken/ salsa rice

Wednesday - Asian pork chops

Thursday - Lunch: beer cheese soup with popcorn/ rosemary olive oil bread/ skinny pumpkin sherbet
           Dinner: pumpkin risotto

Friday - pizza

Saturday - leftovers

Sunday - football food

I’ll share the recipe for beer cheese soup later this week.  It’s my favorite out of my trusty Betty Crocker cookbook.  I have some lucky ladies coming over for lunch that day to share it with me!  🙂  And of course, the weekend will be changing.  I think we may have guests for dinner and I’ll have to revise.  But the weekend feels so far away.  Look for an update!  Happy eating!


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