What’s for dinner? October 15-21

Eek! I’m late in writing this post! We ate out a lot the end of last week, so I had some pumpkin risotto to roll over to today. Which means I don’t have to go shopping till tomorrow. Whew! My husband starts bowling on Tuesday nights, so I’ll be making things he doesn’t like – or takeout. This week it’s tuna! Here’s what’s for dinner:

Monday – pumpkin risotto

Tuesday – skinny tuna melts

Wednesday – lunch: Chinese salad; one hour bread
Dinner: bacon cheese potatoes (crock pot)

Thursday – Parmesan chicken sandwiches

Friday – pizza

Saturday – leftovers

Sunday – breakfast: cinnamon roll waffles
Rest of day: football food

Yesterday I made these yummy delights: pumpkin poppers. Huge hit!
A friend is coming over for lunch Wednesday, which is why it’s planned. Otherwise we usually have leftovers, mac and cheese (from a box! Don’t tell, but I love that blue box!) or deli meat.
My mom is visiting this weekend and we’re going to try to make a quilt around all the usual activities. I hope to get the waffles made. When she’s here, I’m usually motivated to make fun stuff!
What are you making? Have a yummy week!

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