What’s for Dinner? October 22-28

Time for another weekly meal plan!
I have desserts on the brain. I made some treats to bring to a friend’s house. Then this Friday I’m having a dessert party. I just planned what we’ll be having, and will need to add more if more people show up. I’m excited, but it’s a new-to-me group, so there’s always the added pressure of perfection. Know what I mean? Friday is still a long way off…
Here’s what we’ve been munching on: cinnamon churro chex mix, fudgy chocolate chip toffee bars (I gave these 3 squirting foodgasms – soooo gooooood!!!!), sweet crockpot chicken, and baked Brie. Yum yum!
My husband gave me a few good ideas of what he wanted for dinner this week. Sadly, we realized we’re not sharing a meal together until the weekend as our schedules are so busy. So I’ve chosen some simple meals that I can prepare on the nights I’m gone or that will keep well.

Monday – Reuben sandwiches (without the sauerkraut and thousand island dressing – ha!)

Tuesday – Thai takeout!

Wednesday – cheesy chicken spaghetti

Thursday – something from the freezer

Friday – pizza
Dessert party: pumpkin cheesecake brownie pie, Nutella fruit dip, salted caramel pecan bars, Starbucks caramel apple cider

Saturday – buffalito wraps (I’m going to try to recreate this from Buffalo Wild Wings)

Sunday – ranch chicken squares

What are you making? Happy eating!


One Comment on “What’s for Dinner? October 22-28”

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