What’s for Dinner? 10/29-11-4

I’m back and Hurricane Sandy was good to us. Only a large branch down in the backyard, which is already cleaned up. We didn’t lose power. I’m so grateful! I’m sorry for the disaster that has happened not far from here.
This week is turning out to be weirder than other weeks. It started with a hurricane – definitely unusual! – which cancelled bowling, then Halloween falls in the middle of the week. We usually go out to eat on Halloween and we’ll be doing that this year. Any suggestions where we should go? Then on Friday I’m going to a sleepover at my girlfriend’s house, where we will be having a fiesta! Am I too old for that? I don’t care! It’s going to be old school with video games, chick flicks, nail polish, facial masks, and pillow fights. Probably not pillow fights, but you get the idea!
Here’s what is (was) for dinner:

Monday – sloppy joes

Tuesday – broccoli cheese soup

Wednesday – out

Thursday – white chicken enchiladas

Friday – corn dog mini muffins for the family
For the sleepover: rice and bean casserole, chicken quesadilla dip, Halloween popcorn, apple pie martinis, sopapilla cheesecake (for breakfast – tastes like cheese Danish. Soooo good!)

Saturday – leftovers

Sunday – football food!


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