What’s for Dinner? Dec 31, 2012 – Jan 6, 2013

*Correction: I’m really not a football fan. I guess the Vikings play on Saturday, not Sunday. Haha! But I’ve decided we’ll have taco chili and other football food for dinner. Sunday is now to be determined. Either way, go Vikings! ๐Ÿ™‚

That’s the first time I’ve typed or written 2013! It took till January 2nd. Happy New Year!
The holidays are now over. We’ve eaten our fair share of yummy, but not particularly healthy food. But now it’s time to slowly get back of track. Isn’t that always the resolution? I say slowly because it’ll take a bit to rid my house of the “unhealthy” food. And there’s birthdays, and football games coming up which will warrant more junk. I can’t eliminate that completely. Let’s not go crazy here!
Here’s what’s for dinner on this short week:

Monday – out

Tuesday – out

Wednesday – chicken tikka masala (I didn’t get this made last week)

Thursday – ravioli

Friday – pizza

Saturday – TBD

Sunday – football food (the Vikings take on the Packers in the playoffs. Go Vikes!)

I love the holidays and short weeks when my husband is home a lot. My mother in law was visiting, so we spent a lot of time going out to places she doesn’t have at her home. Here are some of the goodies I made for us to enjoy while we played games every night, and other miscellany:

Overnight crockpot oatmeal – this came out very mushy and thin. It had great flavor. We added more oats in the morning and let it sit for 30 more minutes, then it was great.
Krispy date balls – these are great and easy cookies! I prefer less cardamom than the recipe calls for. And roll in coconut while still warm so it sticks better.
I guess that’s all the recipes I have links for. I also made puppy chow, queso, caramel corn, sugar peanuts, candy cane bread, chocolate butterscotch fondue, and various other things.
It looks to be a fairly quiet rest of the week. What are you having? Happy eating!


2 Comments on “What’s for Dinner? Dec 31, 2012 – Jan 6, 2013”

  1. Abby says:

    Go Vikings!!

    Sounds like another yummy week at your house!

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