What’s For Dinner? Jan 21-27

Italian Dunkers. Did your high school cafeteria serve them? Mine did, and I loved them. That was my favorite cafeteria food and I loved when that meal of the month came around. For those of you that don’t know, Italian Dunkers are cheesy breadsticks that you dip in marinara sauce then eat it. Yum! Recently, I found in my grocery store frozen cheese-filled garlic breadsticks. Yum yum. I cooked up some ground turkey (to make this meal a little healthier, you know?) and heated up a jar of pasta sauce with it. My husband comes downstairs, hungry, after assembling a new bed, looks at the table, and says “this isn’t a meal”. What?!? There’s cheese and meat, that’s protein. The bread is the starch. And the can of Ragu claims that there’s two serving of vegetables per serving of sauce. If that’s not a meal, I don’t know what is! Well, he managed to get full and enjoyed it. He said it was a good meal to eat during a football game. Ha! Take that!
OK, here’s what’s for dinner this week:

Monday – Sweet and Sour Chicken (with leftover pre made sauce and white rice)

Tuesday – Ramen Noodle Upgrade

Wednesday – Crock Pot Bacon Ranch Chicken

Thursday – Meatloaf (with boxed potatoes and frozen vegetables)

Friday – pizza; box cupcakes with Marshmallow Frosting for the birthday girl

Saturday – Chipotle Chicken and Corn Chowder

Sunday – leftovers

My husband bowls on a work league on Tuesdays. Last week, the kids and I skipped the planned dinner, picked up Chinese food, and watched him. We must have been good luck because he got 2 turkeys in one night! I guess that means three strikes in a row. So, last Tuesday’s planned meal will roll over to this Tuesday. And we had A LOT of leftover sweet and sour sauce from that dinner, so I will be trying to make my own tempura battered chicken to use up that sauce. Which is why where it says sweet and sour, it actually links to a tempura recipe rather than a sauce recipe. My apologies.
My daughter is turning 2 on Friday. Boo hoo hoo. I’ll be spending the evenings crying in my room this week. We are having a Minnie Mouse themed birthday party on Saturday. I’m hopeful I’ll be able to find a Mickey Mouse head shaped cookie cutter at Michael’s this late in the game so I can cut out cheese and cold cuts to serve the little party guests. And I’m sure we’ll be snacking on leftovers all next week.
Here’s a few other things I made this past week:
Snickerdoodle Bars (my husband ate almost the whole pan himself) and Balsamic Yogurt Dressing (I only made the dressing in the recipe and put it on my own greens)
What are you having? Have a great week!


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