What’s For Dinner? Feb 11-17

Somehow last week I was not able to stick to my planned menu. Looking back, I’m not quite sure how that happened. But it does make menu planning easier for this week as a lot of recipes can “roll over”. And as a bonus, I already have a lot of the groceries as it’s still not a good idea to go out of my house. Boo.
Our road is plowed after Nemo or Charlotte, or whatever the blizzard’s name is. But now we’re in an ice storm which is making the roads yucky. I’m staying put. I’ve really cleaned out the fridge and pantry using up items that sit there. It’s amazing when you can’t go out what you’re forced to come up with for breakfasts and lunches. I guess it’s too easy on a normal day just to run to the store for whatever I’m hungry for.
Anyway, here’s what’s for dinner this week:

Monday – Pepperoni Macaroni and Cheese Lasagna Style

Tuesday – Ginger Scallion Noodles

Wednesday – Slow Cooker Cube Steak; Cheesy Potatoes on a Diet

Thursdsay (Valentine’s Day) – Breakfast: waffles with strawberries Dinner: take out Dessert: Dark Chocolate Pudding Cakes, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cookies (but I’m going to use Dove chocolates for the candy hearts instead of the Reese’s candy. I’m hoping this will be fun to do with the kids!)

Friday – pizza

Saturday – Breakfast: Grapefruit Sour Cream Cake (this is acceptable as breakfast, right?!) Dinner: Tacos; Mexican rice

Sunday – Macaroni and Cheese

Over the past weekend, I made Buffalo Chicken Dip. I guess I’m not quite ready to give up the football food! 🙂
I’ll also be trying this Green Smoothie with Pomegranate sometime this week. I may be attempting these Meringue Nests with Lemon Curd this week. I need to practice for an upcoming baby shower.
Whew! That’s a lot of recipes! I’ll feel very accomplished (and full!) if I get to all of them! Have a great week!
What are you having?


One Comment on “What’s For Dinner? Feb 11-17”

  1. Sean Breslin says:

    Buffalo chicken dip…the best food ever!

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